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Highest/Lowest Real-time
Lowest Temperatures:
Antarctica (AQ)=-38.23 °C
Susuman (RU)=-29.71 °C
Ust-Nera (RU)=-23.58 °C

Highest Temperatures:
Niamey (NE)=40 °C
Alaghsas (NE)=39 °C
Ndjamena (TD)=37 °C

Highest Pressure:
Durban (ZA)=1041.62 hpa
Dublin (IE)=1039 hpa
Birmingham (GB)=1038 hpa

Lowest Pressure:
Leh (IN)=608.43 hpa
Thimphu (BD)=647.1 hpa
Antarctica (AQ)=653.26 hpa

Strongest Winds:
Moroni (KM)=16.5 m/s
Port-Aux-Francais (TF)=14.11 m/s
Olonkinbyen (SJ)=11.76 m/s

Most Rain:
Phnom Penh (KH)=12.72 mm
Yaoundé (CM)=11.15 mm
Shenyang (CN)=10.11 mm

Most Snow:
Altay (CN)=6.42 mm
Tromso (NO)=3.37 mm
Tynda (RU)=2.13 mm

Minimum Temp. Yesterday:
Antarctica ()=-31.25 °C
McMurdo Station (AQ)=-27.71 °C
Susuman (RU)=-25.97 °C

Maximum Temp. Yesterday:
NDjamena (TD)=40 °C
Alaghsas (NE)=40 °C
Largeau (TD)=40 °C

Biggest difference yesterday:
Carson City (US)=27 °C
Denver (US)=26 °C
Elko (US)=25 °C

Smallest difference yesterday:
Jamestown (SH)=0.83 °C
Surgut (RU)=1 °C
Tiksi (RU)=1.13 °C

Highest temp last 31 days:
Kuwait City (KW)=56 °C

Lowest temp last 31 days:
Antarctica ()=-64.59 °C

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Weather Stations
## Name (Country) Last Update Temp. Pressure Humidity Wind Clouds Rain Snow
1Anadyr (RU)17:40:13-9 °C1012 hpa92 %3 m/s75 %0 mm0 mm
2Arkhangelsk (RU)17:03:465 °C990 hpa86 %9 m/s90 %0.77 mm0 mm
3Aykhal (RU)17:35:55-6.38 °C962 hpa89 %1.31 m/s92 %0 mm0.1 mm
4Batagay (RU)18:00:47-14.78 °C997 hpa74 %1.31 m/s80 %0 mm0.03 mm
5Beringovskiy (RU)17:30:43-1.91 °C1017 hpa100 %6.31 m/s76 %0 mm0.45 mm
6Bilibino (RU)17:31:10-13.63 °C974 hpa80 %1.21 m/s80 %0 mm0.05 mm
7Bodaybo (RU)18:00:11-8.38 °C932 hpa83 %0.96 m/s44 %0 mm0.01 mm
8Chelyabinsk (RU)17:37:121 °C1021 hpa69 %3 m/s40 %0 mm0 mm
9Deputatskiy (RU)17:33:47-14.48 °C960 hpa77 %1.96 m/s36 %0 mm0.04 mm
10Dikson (RU)17:31:35-6.91 °C1025 hpa100 %8.06 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
11Dudinka (RU)17:35:58-1.46 °C1013 hpa91 %4.56 m/s92 %0 mm0.33 mm
12Egvekinot (RU)17:30:17-17.91 °C973 hpa62 %0.96 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
13Evensk (RU)17:33:23-0.46 °C1018 hpa100 %1.66 m/s80 %0 mm0.45 mm
14Izhevsk (RU)17:33:073.67 °C1012 hpa75 %5.16 m/s92 %0.02 mm0 mm
15Khabarovsk (RU)18:04:012 °C1018 hpa59 %2 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
16Khatanga (RU)17:33:53-22.78 °C1024 hpa67 %1.41 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
17Kodinsk (RU)17:32:36-0.56 °C987 hpa99 %1.06 m/s76 %0.01 mm0.06 mm
18Kolpashevo (RU)17:31:070.29 °C1013 hpa86 %4.31 m/s88 %0 mm0.06 mm
19Lensk (RU)17:32:40-6.48 °C982 hpa88 %1.11 m/s64 %0 mm0 mm
20Lesosibirsk (RU)17:35:46-2.06 °C998 hpa85 %1.11 m/s92 %0 mm0.24 mm
21Magadan (RU)17:44:19-10 °C1014 hpa100 %2.21 m/s20 %0 mm0 mm
22Moscow (RU)17:45:524.74 °C1017 hpa65 %3 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
23Murmansk (RU)18:03:51-1 °C986 hpa86 %1 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
24Naryan-Mar (RU)17:34:180.59 °C994 hpa97 %5.26 m/s92 %0 mm1.4 mm
25Neryungri (RU)17:34:33-4.63 °C908 hpa94 %1.41 m/s88 %0 mm1.2 mm
26Nizhniy Novgorod (RU)17:37:034 °C1017 hpa80 %3 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
27Norilsk (RU)17:34:36-3.48 °C1000 hpa78 %4.01 m/s56 %0 mm0.01 mm
28Noyabrsk (RU)17:33:59-6.43 °C1009 hpa90 %2.96 m/s68 %0 mm0.04 mm
29Nyagan (RU)17:31:31-0.48 °C1010 hpa85 %4.26 m/s80 %0 mm0.83 mm
30Okhotsk (RU)17:33:56-8.96 °C1025 hpa100 %3.51 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
31Olenek (RU)17:35:18-10.81 °C1001 hpa90 %1.31 m/s80 %0 mm0.06 mm
32Omsk (RU)18:03:48-1 °C1019 hpa74 %5 m/s75 %0 mm0 mm
33Pevek (RU)17:34:08-5.63 °C1021 hpa100 %6.11 m/s76 %0 mm0.64 mm
34Saint Petersburg (RU)17:04:048 °C1006 hpa81 %2 m/s90 %0 mm0 mm
35Samara (RU)17:42:414 °C1024 hpa69 %4 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
36Saskylakh (RU)17:33:19-17.08 °C1017 hpa61 %2.31 m/s20 %0 mm0 mm
37Severobaykalsk (RU)17:34:11-11.28 °C902 hpa67 %0.16 m/s48 %0 mm0 mm
38Srednekolymsk (RU)17:30:52-19.93 °C1018 hpa65 %1.11 m/s20 %0 mm0 mm
39Surgut (RU)18:06:10-7 °C1012 hpa100 %5 m/s40 %0 mm0.06 mm
40Susuman (RU)17:33:41-29.71 °C912 hpa28 %1.11 m/s12 %0 mm0.01 mm
41Tarko-Sale (RU)17:32:58-7.38 °C1017 hpa93 %3.11 m/s68 %0 mm0.02 mm
42Tayshet (RU)17:33:351.19 °C974 hpa98 %1.11 m/s88 %2.1 mm0 mm
43Tazovskiy (RU)18:00:28-9.43 °C1017 hpa82 %2.01 m/s64 %0 mm0.06 mm
44Tiksi (RU)17:34:15-13.83 °C1010 hpa77 %5.76 m/s12 %0 mm0 mm
45Tomsk (RU)17:35:12-0.13 °C1004 hpa85 %3.86 m/s88 %0 mm0.23 mm
46Tura (RU)17:34:30-2.06 °C972 hpa77 %2.11 m/s92 %0 mm0.18 mm
47Turukhansk (RU)17:31:50-1.33 °C1002 hpa84 %5.01 m/s88 %0 mm0.07 mm
48Tynda (RU)17:33:500.09 °C945 hpa93 %2.86 m/s92 %0 mm2.13 mm
49Ukhta (RU)17:33:382.84 °C988 hpa97 %5.26 m/s92 %1.38 mm0 mm
50Ust-Kut (RU)17:36:04-1.78 °C957 hpa83 %1.56 m/s68 %0 mm0.29 mm
51Ust-Nera (RU)17:36:01-23.58 °C904 hpa79 %0.91 m/s56 %0 mm0.03 mm
52Verkhoyansk (RU)17:32:49-14.21 °C986 hpa77 %1.11 m/s76 %0 mm0.09 mm
53Vorkuta (RU)17:32:27-6.43 °C985 hpa83 %5.66 m/s80 %0 mm0.06 mm
54Yagodnoye (RU)17:32:15-7.41 °C1023 hpa98 %0.96 m/s92 %0 mm0.21 mm
55Yakutsk (RU)17:40:50-11 °C1019 hpa92 %2.51 m/s75 %0 mm0 mm
56Yekaterinburg (RU)17:44:411 °C1019 hpa80 %3 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
57Yelizovo (RU)17:41:330 °C1013 hpa82 %3 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm
58Zhigansk (RU)17:33:16-12.06 °C1024 hpa81 %2.41 m/s0 %0 mm0 mm

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