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Highest/Lowest Real-time
Lowest Temperatures:
()=-273.15 °C
Antarctica (AQ)=-47.03 °C
McMurdo Station (AQ)=-33.03 °C

Highest Temperatures:
Kuwait City (KW)=46.55 °C
Al Hufuf (SA)=46 °C
Ibri (OM)=43.57 °C

Highest Pressure:
Esquel (AR)=1035 hpa
Puerto Aisen (CL)=1033 hpa
Plottier (AR)=1032 hpa

Lowest Pressure:
()=0 hpa
McMurdo Station (AQ)=985.76 hpa
Hirosaki (JP)=988 hpa

Strongest Winds:
Port Moresby (PG)=12.3 m/s
Magadan (RU)=11.15 m/s
Dudinka (RU)=10 m/s

Most Rain:
Malabo (GQ)=25.31 mm
Raleigh (US)=17.44 mm
Juneau (US)=8.06 mm

Most Snow:
Mould Bay (CA)=1.69 mm
Grytviken (GS)=1.25 mm
Resolute (CA)=0.81 mm

Minimum Temp. Yesterday:
()=-273.15 °C
Antarctica ()=-44.85 °C
McMurdo Station (AQ)=-37.42 °C

Maximum Temp. Yesterday:
Al Hufuf (SA)=46 °C
Doha (QA)=46 °C
State of Qatar (QA)=46 °C

Biggest difference yesterday:
Saint George (US)=30.89 °C
Bullhead City (US)=27.33 °C
Allende (MX)=27.22 °C

Smallest difference yesterday:
()=0 °C
Adamstown (PN)=0.53 °C
Grytviken (GS)=0.73 °C

Highest temp last 31 days:
Medina (SA)=49 °C

Lowest temp last 31 days:
Antarctica ()=-64.59 °C

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